Assay data is steadily increasing as the number of biological targets (DNA,RNA, proteins, cells) increase. Genomics, high-throughput screening, and combinatorial synthesis and analysis have already increased data output by over 10,000% in some discovery laboratories.Now add to this the challenges of efficiently storing, retrieving, and querying all this important information. Where are you in the gridlock?

MolecularWare, established in 1998, is a company dedicated to offering leading solutions for high-throughput biology. Today we offer you DigitalGenome™, a suite of three software solutions able to handle the data needs of microarray workflows. The use of the three DigitalGenome™ solutions, Designer DG™, Analyzer DG™, and Integrator DG™ dramatically increases the productivity of your lab by streamlining the acquisition, analysis, and integration of data from microarray research.

Map the movement of liquids from any source location to any destination location either individually or as a group. DesignerDG™ provides a highly intuitive set of tools that can, within minutes, enable the configuration and mapping of microplates, slides, and entire platform workspaces from different liquid dispensing and xyz workstations. Annotations from this component of DigitalGenome™ can be easily linked to Analyzer and Integrator.
Microarray batch analysis is fast and effortless. AnalyzerDG™ is the only software designed to provide high throughput microarray image analysis and industrial quality data management. Perform automated spot finding and intensity evaluation on hundreds of microarray image files with no grid place-ment tools needed! The intensity values and user annotations are seamlessly linked to a common user interface. In addition this information can be linked to information from the Web. AnalyzerDG™ is available as a stand-alone application or with an integrated back-end database, IntegratorDG™.

Securely store and publish data from leading database environments, such as Oracle™, Sybase™, and Microsoft™ SQL Server™. IntegratorDG™ enables rapid, multi-dimensional querying of data stored in these environments. The data can also be exported using XML and a variety of text file formats. Querying the data can performed and visualized with a set of key graphical tools. IntegratorDB™ provides all of the query capabilities of ArrayAnalyzerDB™ for mining sample information and their underlying relationships. In high-throughput screening and
analysis, a leader has emerged.