Mission News

MolecularWare was founded to provide scientists with bioinformatics tools that keep track of the huge volumes of data generated by modern research instruments. High throughput screening (HTS) is a prime example of where there is an acute need for improved data management. HTS liquid-handling robots are now automating the preparation of thousands of "test tube" experiments in miniaturized form. Drug discovery scientists are using HTS to generate experiments at unprecedented quantity and complexity, thereby creating the demand for robust data management software. Industry scientists recognize that winning the race to discover the next blockbuster drug requires not only data but also the best software tools for information management.

MolecularWare provides scientists with software to rapidly store, annotate, and search information derived from high-throughput biology research.

MolecularWare believes that effective data management should be tied to the source of the information, high-throughput biology research instruments. The core products from MolecularWare are designed to interface with these instruments in order to provide intuitive interface tools and a database storage strategy for managingresearch data from the start.

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