Our software accurately processes hundreds of images at once clearing the way for high throughput biology. View image data in context with relevant background information to enhance data interpretation.

AnalyzerDG™ is an image analysis tool incorporating automated spot finding and industrial quality data management. Intensity values and user annotations are seamlessly linked together by a common user interface and database. AnalyzerDG™ is the only software designed to provide high throughput microarray image analysis. You can instantly generate intensity values from hundreds of microarray image files. AnalyzerDG™ is available as a stand-alone application or with an integrated back-end database, the Integrator. Experience all the benefits of integrated microarray data management with powerful software products from MolecularWare.


  • Perform a variety of intensity, background and confidence calculations.
  • Data from Excel spreadsheets can be imported and linked to each spot in a microarray image.
  • User defined annotations and comments can be added to all spots, microarrays and images to enhance downstream interpretation.
  • Spot data from microarray image files are automatically linked to all sample information for easy analysis by the researcher.
  • Automatic batch analysis of hundreds of images.
  • View spot annotations from the image.
  • Visualize ratio data from multiple images.