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MolecularWare, Inc. Releases Version 2.5 of DigitalGenomeŽ Software

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Oct. 28, 2002 - Bioinformatics company MolecularWare, Inc. today announced new features and a new licensing option with the release of Version 2.5 of its DigitalGenome(R) software.

The improvements are aimed at making the software even easier for researchers and scientists to use, especially in laboratories with disparate input devices. They include:

- An improved Table View. Users can now view any number of annotations for a selected group of objects (microplates, wells, microarrays, images, spots, virtual wells or virtual spots) in tabular form. The tabular view supports bi-directional sorting for any annotation and permits the user to rearrange the column ordering.

- A flexible interface that allows users to import the settings and results from microplate readers and scanners.

- Support for the new GenePix(R) 2.0 format from Axon Instruments, Inc.

- Data manipulation improvements, including image analysis improvements and image flip.

"To truly help scientists with their workflow in the lab, our software must continue to interface with more devices and to make analyzing and visualizing that data even easier," explained James Costales, vice president of software engineering. "Version 2.5 does that."

On the licensing side, Version 2.5 offers a floating license option, allowing users to access a license across a network.

Version 2.5 is available now, and will be distributed automatically to current customers. MolecularWare has commercial and academic clients around the world in the genomics, proteomics and high-throughput screening sectors.

DigitalGenome is a registered trademark of MolecularWare, Inc. All other company names and products are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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