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Robert J. Rosenthal, Ph.D, Elected to Board of MolecularWare, Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 16, 2002 - MolecularWare, Inc. today announced the election of Dr. Robert J. Rosenthal, President/COO of Boston Life Sciences, Inc. and former President of PerkinElmer Analytical Instruments, to the Board of Directors.

"Dr. Rosenthal brings to our company a unique depth of knowledge of the life sciences and the tools and systems needed to manage the work process in genomics and proteomics research," MolecularWare CEO Richard P. Kivel said. "He understands the value of MolecularWare’s DigitalGenomeTM product, and we feel most fortunate to have him on our board."

In accepting the appointment, Dr. Rosenthal commented, "I have a strong interest in the company and its products, which strengthen the drug discovery process by effectively bridging workflow and knowledge management in digital biology." He added, "It is impressive, and sends a message about the products, that MolecularWare’s systems are operating in pharmaceutical, biotech and research institutes in the U.S., Japan, England and Australia."

Boston Life Sciences is a biotechnology company developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics. As President of PerkinElmer Instruments, Dr. Rosenthal oversaw the division’s acquisition and integration into EG&G, which resulted in an entity with over $800 million in sales to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, among others. Dr. Rosenthal also serves as President of Magellan Discovery Technologies and is a past president of Thermo Optek Corporation and Nicolet Instrument Corporation. Dr. Rosenthal’s doctorate is in physical chemistry.

MolecularWare’s DigitalGenomeTM software enables the quick implementation of a database management system to improve workflow, data control and the annotation of research data from robot-assisted experiments. Its integrated environment provides users with an unprecedented degree of freedom in creating, storing, and mining their data, thereby improving efficiency and productivity and turning research into diagnostic strategies that predict and prevent disease.

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