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MolecularWare’s DigitalGENOMETM software to be integrated into Applied Precision’s biochip readers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 27, 2001 MolecularWare Inc., an emerging bioinformatics company, announced today that it has entered into a reseller relationship with Seattle-based Applied Precision, Inc., a worldwide leader in the development of measurement and analysis tools for biomedical and biotechnology research. Under the terms of the agreement, MolecularWare’s DigitalGENOMETM software will be integrated into Applied Precision’s arrayWoRxTM family of microarray biochip readers.
      MolecularWare’s DigitalGENOMETM suite of software products streamlines the capture and analysis of mission-critical data from high-throughput research platforms. DigitalGENOMETM enables effective management of the staggering flow of information from genomics- and proteomics-related research, allowing scientists to receive massive quantities of data from various heterogeneous high-throughput instruments (such as liquid handling robots, microarraying robots, and microarray biochip readers) that have traditionally been next-to-impossible to capture automatically.
      MolecularWare’s software suite is the perfect compliment to our highly successful arrayWoRxTM product line, said Joe Ahladis, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Applied Precision. With this additional capability, we believe that our biochip readers are the ideal solution to effectively managing the startling volume of mission-critical data being generated by biotechnology researchers. The software suite will be available with our newly introduced arrayWoRxTM Biochip reader and will be marketed under the name softWoRx Tracker.
      “Applied Precision is one of the world’s leading suppliers of biochip readers, and we look forward to working together to revolutionize the very backbone of drug discovery in this age of digital biology,” added Richard P. Kivel, chief executive officer of MolecularWare. “Applied Precision’s research customers worldwide will now have the means to more effectively organize the staggering flow of data that they are producing. In addition, this agreement continues our strategy of supporting our own marketing efforts with immediate and long-term sales growth.”
      Applied Precision develops measurement, analysis and process control systems for semiconductor test, as well as for biomedical and biotechnology imaging and analysis (especially cell microscopy, genomics and proteomics). Applied Precision's specialized systems are based on precisionware™, the company's unique convergence of mechanics, electronics, optics and software. The company has been enabling advancements in the world's core technologies since its inception in 1985. Applied Precision (www.appliedprecision.com) can be reached in the United States at (425) 557-1000 or in the United Kingdom at +44 1672 518350.
      MolecularWare is a bioinformatics company whose mission is to create software that forges a link between biotechnology researchers and the data generated from complex experiments taking place around the world. Drug-discovery research represents the best initial market for the Company’s products, due to recent adoption of cutting-edge automated research hardware and the technical sophistication of end-users. The subsequent integration of workflow management and knowledge management made possible by MolecularWare is expected to usher in a whole new era of molecular medicine, as vast amounts of information gleaned from genomics research is readily transformed into diagnostic strategies that predict and prevent disease.

Richard P. Kivel, CEO, MolecularWare Inc.,
Joe Ahladis, VP, Sales and Marketing., Applied Precision, 425-557-1000, ext. 4148